Driven by the vision of worldwide known bicycle components, Newson Sportec has been supplied its products over years. Newson Sportec now is one of the leading suppliers of spokes, nipples, hubs, rims, as well as wheelset. 
The bicycle industry grows rapidly. The markets need new trends, high technical innovations, and high quality requirements for the products. With the high challenge, our wheelset and wheel components are exclusively to the highest quality.
A passion for cycling passes through the development process driving the creation of products capable to meet the demands of amateur and professional riders. Newson Sportec supply wheelsets with lightweight, high stiffness and great aerodynamics to make highest efficiency. 
Over years of manufacturing experiences, Newson Sportec provides all different kinds of spokes and nipples. To meet the market demand, light weight and colors of choices are our premium services. 
Newson Sportec produce and supply million of spokes and nipples to the spoke wheel market. We launch the products in a different range in materials, colors, designs, and dimensions. 
Newson Sportec is specialized in everything that has to do with motorcycle wheels. Our wheels and wheel components are exclusively to the highest quality.
Newson Sportec is committed to build great wheels using the best quality components and high standard production procedure. We also offers custom wheel building, individual wheel components and wheel restoration from motocross, supermoto, to vintage bikes.  
To achieve our high product standard, our products are not only passed the machine test, but also are tested in reality by riding on the uneven road. We sponsor professional riders and improve our product design to make it better.