Bicycle Spoke

We supply bicycle spokes from 12G up to 15G to fit Ebike, Moped, Bicycle, Wheelchair, and etc. 
  • 12G (2.6mm-0.102")
  • 13G (2.3mm-0.090") 
  • 14G (2.0mm-0.078")
  • 15G (1.8mm-0.070")
All the spokes are made of high quality stainless steel and steel with zinc.
The spokes are design in different shape:
  • Aero Blade J-Bend (2.3mm & 3.0mm)
  • Aero Blade Straight Pull (2.3mm & 3.0mm)
  • J-Bend
  • Straight Pull
  • Double Butted
Different from other spokes, our spokes are colorful with anodized and powder coating. 
PC Yellow
PC White
PC Red
PC Purple
PC Pink
PC Orange
PC Light Blue
PC Green
PC Gold
PC Blue
PC Baby Blue
PC Apple Green
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Anodized Orange
Anodized Red
Anodized Blue
Anodized Black
Anodized Gold
Anodized Pink
Anodized Purple
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Bicycle Nipple

We launched a whole range of titanium, aluminum, brass, and Steel nipple in different dimensions and colors to fit wooden rim, bicycle (BMX, MTB, Road, Fixed Gear, Downhill, etc.), ebike, wheelchair, and etc. 
  • 12G (4.6mm-0.180")
  • 13G (4.3mm-0.169") 
  • 14G (3.9mm-0.153")
  • 15G (3.9mm-0.153")